Sky Valley Stock & Antique Tractor Club

             of Monroe, Washington

Safety Rules and Regulations

Your individual attention and adherence to these required Safety Rules & Regulations

will help ensure the safety of exhibitors and public alike.

Teach safety by good example. Actions “DO” speak louder than words. Safety is EVERYONE’S job.

Absolutely NO alcohol or smoking is permitted on the show grounds.


                     1. Fire extinguishers are distributed around the show grounds, and are at each pulling track and at the threshing machine. 

                     2. First Aid and CPR trained individuals are in attendance. See Registration Table if needed.

                     3. CAMPERS – Dispose of BBQ coals in provided receptacle only. DO NOT dump coals on the ground.

  4. There will be absolutely NO joy riding on the show grounds. Tractors (farm & lawn) will be driven for show purposes only, from Point A to Point B.


                     1. ALL tractor drivers must be at least 18 years old, A Member of the Club, of sound mind and body, and familiar with the vehicle they are operating.                     Except Model T - which is only operated by select persons due to its fragility.

                     2. There shall be only one (1) person on a tractor when moving, unless a seat is specially designed for an additional rider.

                          It is not permissible for the driver to hold a rider, nor is it permissible to ride a tractor while sitting on the fender or standing on the draw bar or hitch.

                     3. ALL tractors must be operated from a seated position.

                          The only exception would be Wheatland Tractors that are designed to be driven from a standing position.

                     4. All fuel will be stored in closed containers at least six (6) feet away from the nearest running engine.

                     5. Shut it off…Before you get off. Always disengage the power. Never leave the tractor in gear when parked. Shut off the engine, and remove the key.

                     6. All tractors must have a kill switch or device in reach of the driver’s seat to kill the engine.

                     7. NEVER leave a running tractor unattended.


                     1. Running equipment in which fingers (child or adult) can get caught in or go through WILL BE roped off.

                        Use double roped stanchions to separate the running equipment from the public by a minimum of three (3) feet.

                     2. Running engines or equipment shall NOT be left unattended.

                     3. Any member of the Safety Committee has the authority to shut down any engine display that is unsafe or left running unattended.

                        If the owner of said display should become confrontational, the Safety Officer has the authority to immediately

                        eject said person and his/her display from the show.

                    4. All fuel will be stored in closed containers at least six (6) feet away from the nearest running engine.

                    5. Running engines are required to have easy access to a working fire extinguisher.

                    6. All exhibits on wheels shall have the wheels blocked to prevent them from rolling.

                    7. All fuel oil leaks shall have a flat tray containing a non-flammable material such as cat litter to catch the leak.


1. Never hook up the pulling tractor until the driver has put the tractor in neutral and raised their hands.

                                                        2. Keep spectators at least 12 feet from the edge of the track.


                     1. Only authorized persons shall operate the forklift. ALL forklift operators MUST be Sky Valley Stock and Antique Tractor Club members.

                     2. Always have forks at lowest point possible when traveling, and place tips on the ground when parked.

                     3. Always keep the carried load as close to the ground as possible.

                     4. The owner of the load shall assist the forklift operator in loading/unloading, moving or placing his equipment.

                     5. The forklift operator is responsible for securing the load before raising the forks or moving the forklift.

                     6. The load’s owner shall stay to the side of the forklift, away from the forks, and shall not cause the forklift operator to stop suddenly.

                        The load’s owner shall also keep the public at a safe distance from the moving equipment.

                     7. Always drive slowly!



                     1. The driver of the pulling/towing vehicle must be an experienced tractor driver, have a valid state drivers license,

                         and must be a minimum age of twenty-one (21), and be a Club member.

                     2. It is highly recommended that each tractor have a working fire extinguisher.

                     3. Towing/pulling tractors must have adequate brakes to handle the towed load on any hill that may be encountered.

                        (Note: Garden Tractors are not designed to be towing vehicles.)

                     4. All pulled/towed wagons or people movers shall have a hitch cross pin in the bottom end of the pulling pin.

                         Conventional trailer ball hitches are also acceptable.

                     5. Pulling/towing vehicle’s drawbar must be long enough to provide an adequate turning radius to the tongue of the people mover/wagon

                         to prevent ride-up on rear tires of the pulling/towing vehicle.

                     6. A safety chain is required. Safety chain must be short enough to prevent the people mover/wagon from rolling into the tractor tires

                           in the event the people mover/wagon becomes unhitched from the tractor.